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Standing The Test of Time

Cavalier Coach Trailways has been in business for over 28 years in Boston, Massachusetts and is a Qualified Woman Owned Business. Joan Libby, the President, CEO and Owner, was and still remains one of the few women charter coach operators in the country. Ms. Libby is a well-respected, coach owner in the motor coach industry. In 2006 Cavalier Coach became a member of the Trailways franchise in the United States and Canada, and became known as Cavalier Coach Trailways. This association allows motor coach carriers the ability to be able to assist in emergency and/or other related transportation issues across the country and in Canada. Cavalier Coach Trailways is a member of numerous motorcoach and related transportation associations, in which Ms. Libby sits on numerous boards. Our company membership also includes several local business associations in its neighborhood.8

Joan is a life-long resident of the City of Boston. She takes great pride in providing employment for city residents as well as locating Cavalier Coach’s business operations in what was once a barren commercial area. Cavalier Coach Trailways and a variety of other commercial business leaders have regenerated the Newmarket Square area in Boston. Sitting on the board of the Newmarket Business Association is important to Ms. Libby as they continue to push for improvements and more redevelopment to truly rejuvenate the area.

Cavalier Coach Trailways is certified by the Department of Defense [DOD] as an authorized carrier for the United States military. We are proud to carry the men and women who serve our country so proudly.

The company has been issued the Department of Transportation [DOT] and the Department of Defense’s highest rating. Cavalier Coach Trailways carries Liability Insurance that exceeds all legal limit requirements. We are licensed to operate in all 50 states and Canada.

Cavalier Coach Trailways strives on every motor coach trip, whether local or long distance to surpass our motto of “We drive you…Excellence drives us.” We guarantee satisfaction on all our motor coach trips and we are committed to make your trip wherever you may be heading, a pleasurable and safe one.

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