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We Drive You...Excellence Drives Us
Keeping You Safe

Our main goal at Cavalier Coach Trailways is to deliver you to and from your destination safely. We strive to maintain a high level safety by insuring our equipment is on a preventative maintenance schedule and routinely inspected by our well trained and certified full time mechanic staff. In addition, prior to each charter leaving our facility, the coach driver performs a full check of the coach inside and outside. Our Operations Manager and mechanic staff are on 24/7 duty and can immediately respond if needed.

Cavalier Coach Trailways is inspected on a regularly scheduled basis and we maintain a high safety record. We are also an authorized carrier for the United States Military and therefore must also be inspected by the Department of Defense. At any time either of these agencies can make an unannounced inspection of our equipment in our facility or of a coach on the road. This means everyday our coaches must be ready to be inspected. Our maintaining a high safety record for our passengers and drivers is another reason we insure you are travelling on safe and reliable coaches.

Our drivers are selectively chosen for their driving experience, driving record, and personal and employment history. All of our drivers must pass a road test given by our trained management, as well as a drug and alcohol test before hiring and then are placed in a random pool for unannounced testing. Cavalier Coach Trailways drivers are regularly retrained, attend seminars by in house staff and outside professionals, are educated in safety and driving tips and given all the necessary tools to be a well experienced and trained coach driver.

All of these safety measures maintained by Cavalier Coach Trailways allows us to confidently know your trip will be a safe as well as enjoyable experience for you and your family and friends. You are who have kept our “wheels” rolling along for the past 27 years.